Dinosaur Ballads

Prehistoric sounds of a living fossil. Album out now! Released on endlich elektro.

The earth is shaking, leaves fall like spores from the trees of fern forests. Mighty giants rule the earth. They feel inviolable, invulnerable but still can not escape their fate.
The story of Dinosaur Ballads.

This story is an allegory to hardware synthesizers and the men who are obsessed by them. These machines defined once the peak of music technology. But technology and society move fast. Synthesizers are exhibited in museums like old bones of Iguanodons.

On Dinosaur Ballads they rear up a last time, howling and growling their aching tunes of solitude.

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I am a reptile in a bleak world
Huge, majestic and sedate
I wear impenetrable armor
Impermeable armor plate

No one will ever pressurize me
No one will ever keep me down
And if aggressors try to push me
I succeed to shut them down

And that shall be forever
Step by Step by Step by Step

I wander over fern and mosses
Cool shadows make my body stiff
No need to rush, no need to worry
I will rest stolid on warm cliff

Coniferous forest grow around me
I head slowly against the sun
I walk through deserts and through wastelands
Until all time finally halts

And that shall be forever
Step by Step by Step by Step

No one will daunt or will defeat me
No one will ever overcome
And if predators try to press me
I succeed to bring them down

The earth is torn, cracks in dried up ground
I crawl slowly above the salt
I walk through deserts and through deadlands
Until all time finally halts

And that shall be forever

When a Punch Lands in My Face

I cannot dream myself away
I cannot leave this place
I have to stand my ground
When a punch hits my face

I have to keep my defense up
I have to save distance and space
I have to stand my ground
When a punch lands in my face

I cannot quit and will not drop
Put everything to ground
I have to stay atop
When a punch lands in my face

I have to stay alert, awake
I have to stay tensed up
I am prepared to await
The punch that finds my face

Moog Voyager, Roland Juno 60, Sequential Prophet~6, Roland JD-800, DSI Poly Evolver, Oberheim OB-8, DSI Prophet 08, Access Indigo 2, Roland VP-330
Eurorack Frankensynth - various modules from Pittsburgh, Intellijel, Cwejman, Mutable Instruments, Doepfer, Synthesis Technology, Xaoc, Make Noise, Befaco, Vermona, Gezeiten, Manhattan Analog, Circuit Abbey, Malekko, Tiptop, Livewire, Sonic Potions, ALM, TouellSkouarn
Elektron Analog Rytm, Elektron Machinedrum UW, Elektron Octatrack, Akai MPC 2500
Roland RE-101, IGS Rubber Bands, SSL G Comp, Hairball Audio FET/500, Lexicon PCM92, Synthoma Elkorus, API 512c
Apple Logic Pro X, UAD, Valhalla DSP, U-HE, Native Instruments, Waldorf, Brainworx, Soundtoys, Klanghelm

Mastered by Mark Bihler / CALYX Mastering

misplaced, abandoned

Album out now! Released on endlich elektro. Available on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else, too.

Simple Life.

Simple structures, simple sequences, simple syntheses. Simple Life.

Synthesize the world

Tracks are simple, sound aesthetic is an art.

The Artist

When I got in touch with my first synthesizer in the early 90th I was immediately amazed by the possibilities of this marvelous alien instrument. The name alone ... synthesizer ... was a promise of the future, it sounded like cities of glass.

Since that time I am fascinated by electronic music devices. Without any musical background I was sucked into the world of oscillators, filters and modulators. And with my computer I was the leader and conductor of an electronic orchestra. Those machines obeyed my mighty sequence commands within a touch of a button. 25 years later I am still in contact with the machines. They are not that shiny anymore and the promise of the future vanished to a rational realization of the present that these instruments and their concepts are now a kind of electronic dinosaurs, threatened by extinction. They were grown and they will ever be a part of me.

The Album

Solitud - misplaced, abandoned CD misplaced, abandoned is a downtempo electronic album whose genotype has an unmistakable old school vibe.

The use of analogue sound generators underline the reference to the past and build a bridge to the present. Under the surface of hopeless clumsy mechanical beats and cliche vocoder voices oscillates a feeling of loss, disorientation and emptiness. The album misplaced, abandoned is about imagined absence of confidence, break out of isolation and the overcoming of fear.

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What you talk, what you say, when you chat, when you play

If you swan, guarantee does not count for me

If you can carry through your first plan, when you do, is all that counts

That counts for me

What you talk, what you say, when you chat all the way

Advertise your degree does not count for me

What you do, what you make, how you act, how you move is all that counts,

That counts for me

Crashing Through Mirrors

I will crash through a mirror's view
to see the world break up into
small shards of blurred perspective sights
reflecting wasted bygone times

I will step through a mirror's view
a different angle to review
I want to see the other side
disintegrate then subdivide.


I look with stagnant empty eyes
without motion in this world

I hide and lurk in disguise
thereby nobody could trace me.

I am safe and shielded, sheltered by
my chitin armor

no one could pierce or penetrate
also no one can touch me